Uphill Rush is actually a series of games with the first one released as better than the contemporaries. In the game, it requires a player to finish the level at a specific time period. There is also a need to collect extra points by performing interesting and cool stunts. A player is also required to play and to take part in different events by transporting using a dirt bike and a skateboard. There are cups that can be found with their hard, normal and easy modes. A Game with its Excellent Graphics Uphill Rush has become one of the most popular games online because of its excellent graphics. Through these visual graphics while you play the game, you could be more interested in playing it. Even though this game is somehow basic as compared to other new games, it brings a better feel of vehicles. The speed is also something that can be handled well than any other games to play online. Thrilling Experience Brought by Racing through Four Different Worlds Using Skateboard, Monster truck or quad and Motorcycle Uphill Rush is reviewed by many players as something that gives out its thrilling experience. This is simply because of it brought by racing through four different worlds using skateboard, monster truck or quad and motorcycle. The arrow key up is used for accelerate; the arrow key down is for reverse; the arrow key left is to lean backwards and the arrow key right is to lean forward. Jump right after you press on the space, z for turbo, p for pause and m for minimap on and off. Received Positive Feedbacks from Players. This game is continuously receiving positive feedbacks from gamers because it rocks. It is also awesome and is the best balance game introduced to players. Even though some have been saying that the controls are extremely sensitive, the game is still as good as ever. Since it is a game that brings fun and enjoyment, it looks so cool and awesome. However, it is realized that it could look better if it has higher ramps, more terrains and more tricks. All those memories you have as a child will be brought back by playing this game. As per the producer of the game, he or she should receive the medals for an outstanding gaming experience brought to players. Indeed, it is a great effort to introduce this game that gives positive experience among them all. Others also shared their positive comments about the game that features skateboarding as something as the best. It also looks visually appealing and it has its exciting environment and vibrant and nice colors. As compared to other stunt bike or max dirt bike games, this one is a lot better since all you have to do is to join the racing game. So far, this game is enthralling and a great one that does not require you or your friends to master it on! This is a simple game but an exciting one!